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The GO conference is a missions experience. It is an event planned with the specific purpose of giving our generation the hands on opportunity to impact their world and foster a perpetual heart to love and serve the nations of the earth. Our goal is to inspire kingdom minded believers NOW to GO and impact their future. It is the idea of disciples making disciples; it is the idea of an experience to install and solidify the Great Commission within the heart of soldiers for Christ! It is that mandate to GO! Watch the conference LIVE online in the GO Video Player to the right or online at www.mybridgechurchlive.com which includes online chat!

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Here is the section of the GO website where you can stay UP TO DATE on all the current events about the conference. Stay tuned to our blog for more detailed updates or if you have a short attention span ;) stay up to date via our Twitter page!

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Friday Night [7pm - Session #1] - Speaker: Jeremiah Bowser, Ignition Point

Saturday Morning [10am -  Session #2] - Speaker: Kevin Johnson, All Nations Worship

Saturday Afternoon [12pm - Session #3] - Missions Q&Q w/ Bowser, Johnson, Jarrold, Lathrop and Kochen

Saturday Afternoon [3pm - Session #4] - GO Village and TOMS "Style Your Sole" Event

Saturday Night [7pm - Session #5] - Speaker: Vaughan Jarrold, Pastor Kings Fire International

Sunday Morning [10:25am - Session #6] - Speaker: Vaughan Jarrold, Pastor Kings Fire International