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Showcasing some of the most well-know local and worldwide mission, humanitarian and civic organizations, The GO Conference is more then just a conference, its a missions experience. Most conferences are designed to sit you in a room for 3 hours while the speaker tries to convince you that his organization is the best one out there. Last time we checked, Jesus didn't specify that you could only use one in the Great Commission...

Our goal at GO 2010 is to provide a experience where you gain insight on the heart of some of the individuals who have caught the vision and are living the decree. Then, you are free to find what group or organization you want to get involved with through "The Village", an "trade show"-like event where you can get info about some of the most active organizations in both Jacksonville and the world.

Conference Schedule


Jeremiah Bowser - Ignition Point Ministries


Kevin Johnson - All Nations Worship 


Vaughan Jarrold - King's Fire International