Vaughan Jarrold - King's Fire International

Sat, July 31, 20107:00 PM

Vaughan Jarrold  - King's Fire International

Vaughan was born and raised in London. He left England for Africa at 25 years old and met his wife, Wendy, on the ship. Afer living three years in Africa, they traveled to India then back overland to England. While hitchhiking 18,500 miles around North america, Vaughan had a "Damascus road" salvation experience. Vaughan's testimony has been built on giving away everything, and living purely on the provision of God. He has now been in the ministry for about 30 years. He has planted churchs, established missinoary trainning schools, and encouraged the body of Christ world wide. Vaughan's vision is set on preaching the Gospel, and Nothing Less!